Image of Fruit & VegetablesFRUIT & VEGETABLES

Local & sourced ‘seasonal’ fresh produce.

BUTCHER QUALITY MEATS Image of Refrigerated Meat Display

Steaks, sausages, rissoles, kebabs, chicken, roasts.



Image of Delicatessan GoodssDELICATESSAN

Antipasto, cheeses, premade salads, continental &
cold meats sliced while you wait!.

DAIRY Image of Dairy

Milk, butter & margarine, creams, yoghurt & eggs.



Image of Frozen GoodsFROZEN & REFRIGERATED

Icecream & desserts, chips & wedges, vegetables, fish, Asian foods,
fresh pasta & sauces, pizzas, pies and sausage rolls, meals and finger foods.

PANTRY Image of Pantry Condiments

Breakfast, canned & packet foods, biscuits, chips, muesli & snack bars,
international foods, rice, cous cous, pasta and sauces, cooking & seasoning.


Image of Soft Drink BottlesDRINKS

Soft drinks, mixes, cordials & juices, sports & energy drinks,
ice teas & flavoured milks.

CONDIMENTS Image of Condiments

Jams, spreads, sauces, mayonnaise, salad dressings,
pickles & other condiments.


Image of Baking ProductsBAKING

Cake mixes, flours, chocolate, frosting, dried fruit & nuts, cookingequipment.


CONFECTIONARYImage Of Confectionary

Chocolate blocks, bars & share packs, gum, lollies & sweets.


Image of Ice Cream Display ICECREAM

An assortment of icecream and iceblocks including the famous Mini Melts.

Come in and see what flavours we have!

LOCAL & COMMUNITY Image of Pecans

We are keen to stock local produce & products,
if interested contact us NOW!


Image of ToiletriesBEAUTY & TOILETRIES

Bath & shower, hair/skin/lip care & deodorants, sunscreen, oral care,
men’s grooming, feminine hygiene, cold/flu & pain relief.

STATIONERY Image of Stationary

Basic business and school supplies available.
Greeting cards, gift wrap, bags and ribbons.


Image of Magazine Display


Daily, weekend & local newpapers, various lifestyle, home & garden,

womens & men’s interests and sport and hobby magazines.

HOUSEHOLD & OUTDOORImage of Household Items

Light globes, batteries, BBQ, pest control, electrical, hardware,
garden & potting mix, sewing, cleaning products and equipment.


Image of Party GoodsPARTY GOODS

Decorations, candles, sparklers, disposable plates, bowls,
cutlery, cups and more.

LAUNDRY & KITCHEN Image of Laundry Goods

Washing liquids & powders, detergents, sponges, gloves, utensils,
food and storage wraps & bags, garbage bags & paper towels.


Image of Baby ProductsBABY

Baby food, formula, bath & change time. Various size & style nappies, including swim nappies.


PET SUPPLIES Image of Cans of Pet Food

Dog, cat, bird food and other essentials.



Image of Ice Signage ICE

5 kilo bags.


TOBACCO Image of Tobacco Sign

Cigarettes, loose tobacco, papers & filters, lighters & matches.


Image of ATM MachineATM MACHINE